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Double Victory is an account of a changed World War—one where the Most Online Generation(s) come crashing back through time and find themselves shoulder to shoulder with the Greatest Generation in some of the darkest days of human history.

56 ships and 55,629 Sailors and Marines from 2042 find themselves on the wrong side of a bad time. This fleet force of Zoomers and Millenials—battle-tested by two hard decades of strife and war—find themselves lost on an island in a sea time, struggling in the face of the escalating ramifications of their Departure as the world and the war they thought they knew shifts and mutates into something very, very different.

Double Victory is part military fiction part speculative historiography. One that revels in the little details and forgotten stories—the mundane absurdities of war, history, and colliding our future into our past.

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I get money—you get stories, simple as.

I really want to be able to cover the breadth and depth of the Second World War and the ramifications of dropping more than 50,000 temporal impossibilities back into one of the most complex, interesting, pivotal periods in human history—and I can’t really do that without your support.

Please give me money so I can write cool stories that you can then read. That is all.

What about the book(s)?

Double Victory is intended to be a standalone series of novels, that is currently in the process of getting into the world. However, that takes time, and a novel can only cover so many narratives, which is why Victory Vignettes is so important—it allows me to cover things that I can’t cover in the main books. The books and the vignettes are complimentary, however, if I am obligated to shill for myself. So please purchase Double Victory if and when it is available as a whole-ass book.

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Welcome to a Changed World War.


Structural Reform, Niche History, and an Account of a Changed World War